PCC Focus

Our focus at PCC is to provide feedyards with benchmarking data they can use to improve feeding performance, track progress and forecast future possibilities, in order to maximize the profitability of the feedyards and their customers. PCC can help make your operation more competitive by helping you discover where your operation excels and, more importantly, where there is room for improvement.

PCC has over 35 years of Feedlot Data Management experience with over 120 million head of cattle in the PCC database. We currently represent over 2.5 million head of feeding capacity from 100+ Contributing Feedyards grouped in six regions. We continue to grow the database in order to maximize the comparative value of the data. Managing data for the beef industry is all that we do; it is our only focus.


We have included examples of the various PCC products. Select Examples to a see few of the NEWSLetter, CattleGram, monthly feedlot performance Comparisons, user definable and historical ProfitMark Excel spreadsheet or the annual feed markup and salary Surveys.

Be sure you have Adobe Reader and at least Microsoft Excel 2003 to view all the examples



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