Product Examples

The following list gives a few important points about each of the current PCC products. Select a product to view an example.


  • Analysis of aggregate data.
  • "At-a-Glance" view of graphically presented key performance indicators.
  • Feed ingredient costs.
  • Detailed weight breakdown on monthly feedyard placements.
  • Industry profitability trends.
  • Monthly articles directed at production and profitability.


  • Actual data from PCC yards for cattle on feed, placements and marketings.
  • Key indicators of industry currentness.
  • Feedyard contract numbers for the next two months by region.
  • Projected vs actual marketings by region and nationally.
  • An early projection of the USDA Cattle-On-Feed report.
  • Monthly articles related to placements, marketings and demand.

Comparative Analysis

  • Monthly performance comparison.
  • Quickly compare yard performance vs. a regional average, by weight and class of cattle.
  • Comparison includes capacity utilization, cattle weights and gain, days on feed, feed conversion, current month ration cost, cost of gain, vet/med cost, and payroll/employees per thousand head of capacity.
  • Reports can be customized to meet specific information needs.


  • History tends to repeat itself. Be more aware of normal seasonality both regionally and for your yard.
  • Plot your yard's historical performance against the seasonal patterns of a region or similar capacity group.
  • Quickly bring new employees or consultants up to speed on "normal" performance levels in your yard.
  • Easily assemble professional looking annual reports for board meetings or customer appreciation days showing how your feedyard has historically performed compared to your peers.
  • Quickly access your historical data for a particular type and weight of cattle for projecting more accurate breakevens.

Annual Feedlot Operational Survey

  • Analysis of feedyard enterprise separate from cattle ownership enterprise.
  • Compares cost of operation by mill type.
  • Compare line item budget expenses such as salaries and benefits, utilities, equipment and yard maintenance and repair costs, cost of yard promotion, office expense, etc.

Annual Feed Markup & Salary Survey

  • Salary and Benefits broken out for 11 key feedyard positions.
  • Feed markup and yardage analysis.

Custom Analysis

  • As requested by the feedyard.
  • Specific to feedyard's question.