Annual Surveys

PCC conducts two annual surveys; the Feedlot Operational Survey and the Feed Markup & Salary Survey. Survey forms are sent to all members with results sent back to those completing the survey.

Annual Feedlot Operational Cost Survey

This survey provides an analysis of the feedyard enterprise separated from the cattle ownership enterprise. It compares the operation costs by mill type, capacity, capacity utilization, and age of the yard. Line item budget expenses such as salaries and benefits, utilities, equipment and yard maintenance and repair costs, cost of yard promotion, office expense, etc. are compared.

Annual Feed Markup & Salary Survey

This survey examines a number of important expenses and sources of income. Comparisons are made between regions, yard capacities and years. Salaries are also compared by positions. Over 40 tables and graphs are use to make the comparisons of the following:

Feed Markup

  • Feed markup
  • Yardage
  • Total markup

Medicine Markup

  • Processing medicine markup
  • Hospital medicine markup
  • Chute charge
  • Hospital pen yardage


  • Monthly base salaries
  • Hourly wages
  • Benefits
  • Total monthly compensation
  • Weekly work hours
  • Postiion tenure
  • Consultant compensation
  • Custom services

Insurance Premiums

  • Health insurance
  • Workman's compensation